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LK-Laser Keyboard, laser Projector Keyboard,virtual laser keyboard,Laser Projector Keyboard

Laser Keyboard
New Tech

  • Specificaitons:

    Type: Laser Keyboard
    Light Source: RED laser diode
    Keyboard Layout: Approx.19mm Pitch,QWERTY layout
    Keyboard Size: Approx.Width:240mm,Height:100mm
    Keyboard Location: Approx.100mm from the bottom of the device
    Project Surface: Non-reflective,opaque flat surface
    Recognition Rate: Approx.up to 350 characters per minute
    Operating Surface: Any firm flat surface
    External Power Supply: USB Power/5V 1A
    Battery Type: Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
    Battery Capacity: 1000mAH(MAX) @3.7V
    Battery Operating Time: Approx.120min
    Battery Charging Time: Approx.120min
    USB: USB 1.1 & 2.0, USB HID Ver. 1.0
    Bluetooth: V3.0, HID Profile Ver 1.0
    Frequency Range: 2402-2480MHz
    Channel: 79
    Modulation: GFSK
    Connection Type: Bluetooth/USB
    Size: 38mm x 75mm x 18mm
    Color: Black/White/Silver+Black/Gold+Black

    Main Functions:

    Combination of function keys:
    FN + Up / Down: increase / decrease the laser brightness
    FN + Left / Right: increase / decrease the volume
    FN + P: turn on / off the keypad tone
    FN + K: open / close voice broadcast function
    FN + mouse button: enter / exit mouse mode
    FN + U / I: speed up / slow down the mouse movement speed



    Mouse Function:


    1. Long press FN + mouse function keys at the same time, the projector keyboard dim, the mouse
        function start.
    2. On the projection keyboard, One finger can move the mouse, two fingers slide up and down for the
        wheel mode,the left of the finger is single click key, the right of the finger is double-click key. Three
        fingers slide for exiting mouse mode.
    3. Note: The mouse function only supports Android(For IOS system, you need to download and install
        BTC Mouse & Trackpad from App Store)


    Speaker function:

    The device supports speaker function after connected via bluetooth
    Voice Fuction:
    FN + K enter voice broadcast function (Only for letters and some function keys)


    Check video to know more!


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