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MB-Music bulb, music led bulb,music light,LED music bulb,Color charging light,smart music light,color charging bulb with bluetooth speaker,LED bulb with app control,music color light,led speaker bulb

with color charging
with bluetooth speaker
with remote control


    LED speaker bulb,LED music light, colorful speaker

    bulb, 2018 new tech gadgets


    Base type: E27
    Emitting color:RGB
    voltage: 100-240V/50Hz-60Hz
    Led power:7W
    Speaker power:3W rms
    Total power:12W rms

    Steps to use:

    1:Appliced this bulb  to the E27 base,and then power the bulb
    2:The bulb is lit up,then you can use the remote control to adjust the light color.
    3: Turn on you blueteeth device (you phone etc), search and connect to the bulb
    4:Connected succesfully,now you can play the music you link whith the bulb

    Product Notes:


    1:please confirm the voltage first  (this is 110V-240V)
    2: please check the specifications of the product  carefully before ordering to insure a proper fit
    3: Do not disassemble any bulbs by yourself
    4:Be sure to cut the power off before beginning installation to avoid presonal injury
    5:The bulb can be turned off by to the remote control, and you can still use the is as a speaker
    6: One remote controller can control multi bulbs (the light),but one bulb can only be connected to one
     Bluetooth device (output sound).




    Suitable for the bedroom,closet,cabinet,corridor,workshop, basement, garage, stairwell,oildeapots,roof,
    door and other places



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