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Balanced car into intelligent hardware tuyere next?

Publish:KYLIN KING LIMITED  Time:2016-05-12
  The current global manufacturing industry is facing a new revolution of science and technology, Internet of things, big data as the core of intelligent wave are tumbling, make the cold machine become more intelligent, light and full of human nature. Let the machine equipment modification via the Internet and realize intelligent control, a process generally referred to as the Internet of things. In the next few years, household appliances, industrial equipment and street light, such as cars in succession in the life most electronic devices will be connected to the Internet and realize intelligent management, so the Internet of things is recognized under a trillion-dollar market, but also the next revolution of technological change.
  Balance the car by the capital market
  Balance electric car is also called intelligent balanced car car, car body feeling, thinking, etc. Balance of electric cars on the market basically is divided into two kinds, one kind is two rounds of car electric balance, the other is a one-wheel electric balance. Balance of the car with the method of stand type driving, driving the process relies on lean forward or back into action control your balance front and back. As from birth start balance electric car with intelligent control technology, with green environmental protection, small size and easy to control, excellent is considered to be the future of personal transportation, is also known by jobs as the invention of the "landmark" technology products.
  World‘s first car electric balance is the Segway balance (Segway) two rounds of car, first sale ever by U.S. President George w. bush and the United States when the police station, tourism, and many other government agencies, however, due to the limitations of its own equipment performance and the expensive price of $10000 or more, this type of balance of two rounds of car since birth in 13 years has been limited to government departments demonstration application, almost nowhere in personal consumer electronics market.
  Relative to the Segway balance, however, heavy, ugly appearance design, in recent years, China‘s balance of electric car manufacturers launched a lighter, fashion, low prices, balance of two rounds of car products, quickly in tourism, convention and exhibition, the popularization and application in public places such as airport and government public sector. Especially the more portable, inexpensive, cool one-wheel balanced car into the market, has been a number of 80, 90 young people sought after, after the entire balance quickly detonated car market within two years.
  The past balance electric car has two famous brands in the Chinese consumer, which is the industry known as "south walker easy step the north," said the pace of dongguan yi science and technology and popular in Beijing. The two are the earliest research and development manufacturing electric car balance of science and technology enterprises in China, are also in the application of the government public sector gains a lot of orders.
  However, a recent years with one-wheel balanced car products quickly open the market of shenzhen line rapid rise all over the world, and got the day figure B round of venture investment capital of RMB 100 million. Plus shortly before get the middle capital of 12 million yuan A round Beijing popular, balance of China‘s electric car industry rapidly from unknown before detonated by the capital market, has attracted many entrepreneurs flocked, part of the Internet giant and investors also began to target the emerging markets.
  Among them, there are rumors millet is gearing up investment intelligent balanced car layout, the recent frequent contact with the balance of the south car research and development enterprise, and the list includes the world line, easy step technology etc. Several renowned balanced car research and development enterprise. Millet such Internet hardware enterprise accelerate personal transport layout, the purpose is to further improve its intelligent hardware such as mobile phone, television, and intelligent household chain, also because of millet investment involved, to balance the car industry add a handful of oil on the fire.
  Balanced car gradually into consumer electronics
  Recent balance electric cars popular not only due to technical development drive, also benefit from the government‘s car around the restrictions, restrictions, and banned the policy. In environmental pollution and traffic congestion increasingly serious today, the development of electric, intelligent transportation, advocate green travel has become a social consensus, tesla electric cars popular is standing on the tuyere. Compared the tesla electric cars frequently nearly ten thousand yuan price, it is only in the short term is local tyrants plaything, and 23000 yuan streets running of electric bicycle and seems too migrant workers, as a result, only two thousand yuan price of single wheel balance electric car look very grounding gas, also is very popular with young people, thus gradually become young people first instead of walking tool.
  Personal transportation, though, the future will include intelligent balance, electric skateboards car, intelligent bicycle hardware such as intelligence, but to solve the problem of the individual instead of walking the last 5 km from practical ways, intelligent balanced car with the advantages of lightweight, fast, portable, is expected to become the future after car, bicycle personal new means of transport. Especially as smart phones, wearable devices such as the mass of intelligent hardware development, drive the rapid improvement of balance electric car related technologies and hardware costs have fallen sharply, Moore‘s law to balance the car fast breakthrough technology, product price is more common.
  Than in the past few years balance electric car target market is the government and the public sector areas, nearly a year balance of electric vehicle is accelerating the transformation of the mass consumer market. Public statistics show that 2013 balance of domestic electric car production is about 400000, will reach 680000 units in 2014, and 2015 is expected to exceed 1 million units of sales, it will form a billions of dollars worth of large emerging markets. Relative to the national electric bicycle the total sales of 2014 in 18 million, the output value of more than 100 billion yuan, nearly thousand of competitive enterprises, electric balance the car is still in the early stages of a fledgling obviously, both in research and development enterprise quantity and market development space and great potential for development, and push the risk investment.
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