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How to use VR headset

Publish:KYLIN KING LIMITED  Time:2016-08-26
Hi Everyone!

Here we want to talk about how to use the 3D virtual reality glasses, as some buyers do not know about it very clearly.


It is called 3D Virtual Reality glasses,or VR glasses or headset.
It is used to watch 3D movies with the any type of smartphone
First, download the app about 3D movies on your phone, and play the movies,
Then insert the phone into the headset, 
Then you can enjoy watching 3D movies.
In addition,  you can play 3D games in the same way just with a additional bluetooth remote controller or gamepad.

How to start to enjoy it?

1. Search with the keywords "VR Cinema" to start enjoy VR movies.
2. Search with  the keywords  "VR" to get more movies and games.
iPhone user search on  “App Store”
Android user searh on  “Google play”

More Apps: please check following app examples

Other ways:
you can search the side by side video on youtube and download it too
or go into some special VR website to watch or download, such as:

Hope you will enjoy your VR device, if you want to buy VR,please find us  as we are the professional supplier of VR device from China!

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