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Mobile phone 3 d VR glasses experience introduction

Publish:KYLIN KING LIMITED  Time:2016-05-12
  Virtual reality glasses equipment, hereinafter referred to as VR glasses, it is with the aid of computer and the latest sensor technology to create a new means of human-computer interaction, simple said is into the virtual world of electronic equipment.
  The original concept of virtual reality in the sixties and seventies of the last century, and is limited to the technical ability has not been widely attention. On March 26, 2014, Facebook $2 billion acquisition of virtual reality Oculus VR equipment company, lit the enthusiasm for virtual reality of society. After Google for $542 million brought in Magic Leap, Microsoft introduced holographic lenses Hololens, Carl Zeiss optics giant are involved.
  Samsung and HTC are introduced VR equipment (image from Internet)
  We live close to the distance of samsung and HTC, samsung electronics in August this year as Beijing, Berlin, New York, Hong Kong and 2014 new phone conference, meeting the grand launch of the Gear VR (only support samsung Note4), HTC also on MWC 2015, formed an alliance with the Valve, released a named HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) devices.
  Hyped VR concept followed by domestic manufacturers, according to incomplete statistics, in all the raise platform including all taobao, jingdong the raise, raise, raise, online VR glasses the raise project has more than a dozen.
  Virtual reality devices indicates wearing displays (pictures from Internet)
  The VR devices? We must first understand the virtual reality devices indicates a display on her head. Generally speaking, the VR devices can be divided into three categories: external head, one-piece head, glasses box. External wore a device has good user experience, has the independent screen, product structure is complex, high technology content. One-piece head equipment products (including samsung Gear VR with the current domestic numerous VR eyes). And simple structure, low cost of glasses box (Google DIY virtual eyes).
  Cheap cardboard boxes can also have basic virtual effect
  This year, after the domestic manufacturers to join, the more out of a lot of similar helmet phone VR glasses, there are a few yuan is the most cheap cardboard boxes, also have controlled one hundred plastic helmet, of course, there are thousands of yuan of high-end equipment, today the author is the main experience of entry-level VR devices, wore a device is an organic whole, the current price of one hundred s. And what about low price experience? Can lead the consumers into the mysterious world?
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