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On a VR glasses is virtual reality?

Publish:KYLIN KING LIMITED  Time:2016-05-12
  In 2014, Facebook ‘$2 billion acquisition of Oculus of the entire field of virtual reality as a "silent listen to thunder". This early in the fifties and sixties of the last century was born, but let the general public virtue of virtual reality technology, overnight with the attitude of people in the sights of the public. Of course, this also makes the whole technology and the investment community, stir up.
  In 2015, many manufacturers at home and abroad have research and development of virtual reality devices, for a variety of VR equipment available, whether it‘s with some banter carboard, imitation or even copy the Oculus PC devices, or those who lead the trend of mobile phone accessories, all without exception to the general public to herald the: as long as buy a cow bye virtual reality you will be able to experience.
  So you bought a VR headsets or VR glasses, set on the head to experience a virtual reality in the legend of pleasure. You see a head rotation frame will turn the video, you experience a handful of imminent 3 d movie... Do you think, this is the virtual reality! However, VR is not so easy as you think.
  Will rotate the picture thanks to a good gyroscope, the larger picture because the screen is closer, if you think that is a 3 d virtual reality, virtual reality goggles enthusiasts believe that those who are will condemn you for it... All of these is not a core element in virtual reality, if you must I describe what is virtual reality, I‘m afraid I can only say: immersion.
  Only real immersion, is the real virtual reality, the key to achievement immersive, panoramic view. Whether ordinary or 3 d video, no matter how exquisite it‘s photograph, we are all in the outside and distant. But very different virtual reality, virtual reality simulation of three-dimensional virtual world, and we in among them, as we are in the real world, we are surrounded by images, immersed in the virtual 3 d environment. Compared with the traditional video, we not only can decide what to see, also can decide their own viewing Angle, in a world of panoramic video, we are master. So even if is to see a normal 2 d, 3 d movie, also need to simulate a virtual movie scenes, such as movie theaters.
  To feel involved, surrounded by our picture must be complete and true. FOV viewing Angle is a key to human FOV is usually 120 degrees, which we can clearly see the picture + so to content, probably around 120 ° level, if you can see the range of only a small piece, can even saw black side of the screen, you will believe it! But the higher the FOV is not better, after all, we use the screen under the condition of the FOV is too high, is there will be a Mosaic, so the FOV between 90 ~ 120, is likely to create a good experience of virtual reality. And to ensure a clear picture, monocular 1 k resolution has become the basic requirement, when you take 720 mobile phones with Mosaic, virtual reality is some distance from you, I‘m afraid. Delay as key indicators of virtual reality helmet, the industry generally believe that only less than 20 ms delay can get rid of the dizzy feeling, this is the key, after all, in addition to the car, few refer feel dizzy... Whether helmet, glasses, only conform to the above standard, to calculate the real virtual reality devices.
  The domestic research and development of a virtual reality head-mounted device SVR Glass development team tells us that in terms of FOV, and they have a test every 5 °, found 96 ° can ensure the quality of images and the balance of the immersive. This monocular resolution, mobile phone VR devices, such as the SVR Glass screen will be followed by the mobile phone industry standards improve and achieve better experience.
  This time let‘s take a look at the products available in the market again, the crowd always total VR helmet and glasses, which are pseudo virtual reality, which is the real virtual reality! But when you do not know how to identify, or buy buy like Oculus, samsung Gear VR and SVR Glass equipment, to ensure that you open, is the real world of virtual reality.
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